are you there, God? it’s me, Anger

Dear God: Stop it.

I had a handle on things until You pushed me again. I’m human, okay?! I can’t deal with all this. Didn’t You know this pain would break me?

I did. I knew this before the stars were sprinkled in the sky.

If You knew everything, why did You allow this to happen? I thought being a child of God would be blissful. Instead, I am wandering in the desert trying to find peace. Continue reading

my dove, my beautiful one

My dove, my beautiful one,
Arise, arise!
The night-dew lies
Upon my lips and eyes.

The odorous winds are weaving
A music of sighs:
Arise, arise,
My dove, my beautiful one!

I wait by the cedar tree,
My sister, my love,
White breast of the dove,
My breast shall be your bed.

The pale dew lies
Like a veil on my head.
My fair one, my fair dove,
Arise, arise!

James Joyce (1882-1941)